Puppy Manners

For puppies under 5 months of age when class begins &/or toy breeds under 9 months. (Please note that this age range is flexible, depending on the puppy’s size, confidence level, mental maturity, etc. If you are uncertain as to whether or not this is the best class for your puppy, contact us.)

Puppy socialization & obedience geared for young pups with short attention spans. Puppies are partnered up for play time based on size, personality and confidence level. Obedience portion of this class includes walking on leash, sit & down, sit for greeting & come. Obstacles include puppy-sized agility equipment for confidence building & fun. Class also covers housebreaking, chewing & other behavior problems, nail trimming, teeth brushing & more. Your entire family is encouraged to attend all of the classes with your dog. However, very young children and/or children with very short attention spans may find the discussion and demonstration format of the Orientation difficult.

The first week is for humans only; please leave your puppy at home until the second week.