Dr. Patti Schaefer Appointments


Dates and times vary. Please consult the calendar for available dates and times

Dr. Patti Schaefer owns Canisport Veterinary Services, a holistic canine sports medicine and rehabilitation practice in Western Washington. Dr. Schaefer’s workshops on canine sports medicine and performance injuries have been well received throughout the country. She is certified in veterinary acupuncture, as well as animal chiropractic. Dr. Schaefer is a former professional horsewoman, now competing in dog sports, with experience in a variety of other bodywork modalities.

Appointments will be scheduled on the half hour.

Scroll down to view the schedule calendar for available time slots.  Appointments can be made in advance.  You can sign up for an appointment by email or call 253-854-9663 with your time preference and we will get back to you with confirmation. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance or you will be charged. A waiting list will be taken if appointments fill up.

NOTE: Appointment priority at Family Dog is given to Dr. Schaefer’s current/ongoing clients and Family Dog referrals. We do our best to keep this calendar updated; however, you will not be guaranteed an appointment until you speak directly with our office and/or receive a confirmation email from us. If you are unable to schedule an appointment at Family Dog, please contact Dr. Schaefer directly to meet with her at one of her other locations. (Dr. Schaefer’s contact info is below.)

If this is your first time consulting with Dr. Patti, please fill out this new client form Canisport Veterinary Services and bring it with you to your first appointment. Dr. Schaefer also recommends that you bring along any pertinent x-rays and/or lab work, so be sure to allow time to obtain those materials from your regular veterinarian. The typical appointment lasts 30 minutes. Questions for Dr. Patti regarding complicated cases may be emailed to her at or leave a message on her voice mail at (360) 923-5759. Please allow at least 48 hours for her reply.

* Please note the following rules for attending Dr. Patti Schaefer appointments at Family Dog Training Center *

In light of several recent aggressive and disruptive situations involving individuals bringing their dogs to our training center for appointments with Dr. Patti Schaefer, we are instituting the following policies. Please read them carefully.

  1. Only dogs that have a scheduled appointment with Patti Schaefer are permitted in the facility.  All other dogs must remain in your vehicle.
  2. All dogs, whether or not they are students at Family Dog, are expected to be well-mannered and under control at all times.  If they cannot walk into the facility on a loose leash without displaying aggressive behavior (including barking, lunging, etc.) they must be muzzled and/or carried or crated.
  3. Dogs must not disrupt classes or disturb other dogs. That means that you must keep your dog on a short leash and not allow your dog to wander up to others. They must not be allowed to sniff or bark or growl or lunge. They must be kept a minimum of ten feet away from all other dogs. In short, do not interrupt classes in progress or allow your dog to disrupt the class.
  4. Please note that the safety of our students, and our classes, is and will remain our highest priority. We will not continue hosting Dr. Patti if our classes are disrupted and our students’ dogs are threatened. So, for those reasons, we expect everyone who visits Dr. Patti at Family Dog to follow these guidelines.  If you are unable or unwilling to follow these guidelines, we will ask that you not return to Family Dog and schedule your appointments through the vet clinics in Tacoma and Olympia where Dr. Patti also see clients.

While these guidelines seem like common sense to most people, and most of Dr. Patti’s clients are already mindful and respectful, incidents involving aggression — including dogs being attacked and injured — have prompted the need for us to put these rules in writing.   Your cooperation will be appreciated.

Thank you, Kathy Lang, the Staff of Family Dog Training Center and Dr. Patti Schaefer

Patti Schaefer, DVM FAAVA &  owner of Canisport Veterinary Services

The Holistic Approach to the Canine Athlete: a Three-Part Workshop:

Sat. July 15, 22 and August 5 10am to 12:30 pm

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to work with a veterinarian and  dog sports competitor with over 20 years’ experience treating performance dogs.   This workshop is appropriate for dogs in all sports, from conformation to agility, obedience, freestyle, herding, lure coursing, barn hunt and more.   Every week builds on information shared in the previous week; you must register for the entire series.  Hours:  10 am to 12:30 pm with a short break midway through.

Pre-registration required. Download the flyer for details: Patti Schaefer Workshops Summer 2017

Working spots for handlers with dogs will be limited to 10.  Auditor spots (no dog) limited to 20.  Click here for Registration