About Nosework

Nosework is natural and easy for any dog, regardless of breed, age or ability. In the Beginning Nose Work class, you’ll harness your dog’s natural scent detection abilities in this fun new activity.

In Nosework your dog will build confidence, have fun, and burn off mental and physical energy. Minimal space and equipment are needed, and it’s a sport that can be practiced indoors or outdoors, regardless of the weather. Best of all, you’ll find out just how great your dog’s nose while working together as a team. You can do Nose Work with your dog just for fun or as a competitive sport at events sanctioned by the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW).

Introduction to Nosework

No obedience training is necessary, but basic manners are helpful. No aggressive dogs. No severe behavior problems. Due to the nature of the scenting activity, dogs will be working one at a time while all of the humans observe the dog’s body language and listen to the instructor’s comments. Dogs will need to wait in the car until it is their turn to work. Dogs will typically get two “turns” during the one-hour class.

During the first 6-week session, dogs will learn to search for food rewards hidden in boxes and other containers scattered around the room. Dogs who are extremely “driven” to find the rewards will be challenged. Dogs who are less confident will be given easier opportunities to find the reward, thereby building their drive and confidence. Homework done outside of class will challenge the dog to use his nose in different environments.

Introduction to Odors

In Introduction to Odors, your dog will build on problem-solving and scent discrimination skills it learned in Introduction to Nose Work to identify new target scents, such those used in Nose Work tests (including birch, anise and clove) As the dogs progress with finding and indicating the new target scents, the locations in the dogs work will become more complex, and the “finds” will become more challenging. Prerequisite: Successful completion of Introduction to Nose Work or Intructor permission. Bring dogs to first class with current training equipment (assigned at the completion of the Introduction Nose Work Class).

Continuing Odors

A continuation of skills and scents learned in Introduction to Odors. Prerequisite: Successful completion of Introduction to Odors or instructor permission.


If you’re interested in a Nosework class and we don’t have any available classes on the schedule, please fill out the wait list.