Online Training Classes

We are thrilled with the wonderful response we have received to our online classes.  The students in our first two sessions are making wonderful progress and having fun. The feedback we are receiving from them is fantastic!  So, we are delighted to offer another session beginning May 15.  Click on the class title for more info.

Puppy Manners Online

Beginning Home Obedience Online

YES!  You can train your dog while staying safe at home — join our new online training classes! 

Everything you need will be posted in a private Facebook group, including lesson books and reference materials (PDF documents).   Printed materials will be supported with highly detailed instructional videos for each of the exercises.  New material will be presented each week, building on the previous week’s material.  You’ll be learning the Family Dog Training Center’s methods in the convenience of your home.  

Click here for a quick preview.

Additional assistance and guidance will be provided by Instructor Liz Fifield.  Liz will respond to comments and questions on the private Facebook page and be available for phone calls and emails, as needed. 

Here’s what a current student has to say about our online classes:

For almost two decades I’ve trained multiple dogs and various breeds at Family Dog with Kathy Lang and her staff.  Not only do I want a well behaved dog, but also a dog who is living up to their strength and potential. I trust Kathy and her staff to teach me this. I have spent  hours commuting by ferry to attend classes at Family Dog, and feel fortunate to have this level of training available. Kathy Lang’s  training methods are successful . I value her expertise, professionalism and profound ability to watch myself and my dog work together as a team and  help us improve and grow. The week before Coronavirus struck, I brought home an 8 week old puppy.  We got in one puppy class before Family Dog had to close. Thank goodness Kathy is offering on line courses. I am able to continue my class and the  level of training I value. Not only does Kathy provide well presented information through videos, but also  my questions are answered in- depth and  immediately. I learn from other students’ questions as well.  I enjoy working at my own pace, and especially like that I can re-watch a video and submit my own video or picture  as part of the learning process. The on- line courses Kathy Lang  provides continue the quality teaching I have grown to expect from  Family Dog .   

— Jeanne Haflinger