Jerry & Lois Holiday Photoshoot

Get ready to put some glitz on your fur family and make an appointment for their time in front of the lights and camera! And if you’re in the mood, get dressed and join them!

Jerry and Lois Photography will be on hand once again to work some Holiday photo magic for you and your family! Come to Family Dog Training Center and begin your holiday cheer!

For large groups (5+) please book either the first or last appointment of the day (which are 60 minutes). Otherwise, appointment times will be for 45 minutes for individuals and small groups (less than 5 animals and/or humans total).

The basic package is $125 and includes your first 3 8×10 prints. Large group pricing begins at $160. We have other packages, too, that include larger size prints and of course electronic images (which can be used for holiday cards).

This includes your time in front of the camera, as well as your time to review and select images. If you wish to review your photos at a later date, there’s an additional $75 charge along with the basic package to cover the time and effort needed to create a private viewing gallery for you. Both this and the basic package must be paid for before you leave.

We will confirm your appointment via email a few days prior to your appointment. The email will come from – please add this email to your contacts to avoid having it sent to spam or junk.

Use the links below to book your appointment. 

Friday, November 24

Saturday, November 25

Sunday, November 26

Monday, November 27