Competition Makeups

How to use this calendar to find a make-up class:

1. Know the abbreviation for your current class:

OC 1 – Attention, Foundation & Footwork

OC 2 – Advanced Attention, Foundation & Footwork

OC 3 – Retrieving

OC 4 – Beginning Open

OC 5 – Continuing Open

OC 6 – Beginning Utility

OC 7 – Continuing Utility

OC 8 – Heeling, Fronts & Finishes

OC 9 – Novice Practice & Prep

RA 1 – Beginning Rally

RA 2 – Rally Coursework

2. Know the week of your current class that you need to make up.

3. Find the closest match that works with your schedule. You do not need to make up the exact week that you missed. Make-ups must be done during the current session of classes.

4. Please contact the office to let them know which class you’ll attend.

Please note: This schedule is not updated until AFTER each new session of classes has met the first week. Class enrollments change right up to the last minute, so the first week’s final schedule is often not known until the very last minute. Please visit the Current Schedule of classes if you are looking for future session.

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