Fees Sept 1 2016

As everyone knows, the cost of living and the cost of doing business rises every year.  It has been more than two years since our last increase. In order to maintain the same high standards and professional instruction that we’ve provided since 1977, we will be adjusting our prices effective September 1, 2016. Our new fee schedule is outlined below.

We continue to offer multi-class / multi-dog discounts. On our website these are called packages. If you’d like to save a bit of money, purchase a package of classes before the price increase on September 1. Please contact our office if you need assistance or have questions. Thanks for your ongoing support of Family Dog!

6 – week Session of Group Classes: $175

Each week of class is one hour long and each session lasts 6 weeks. Students have unlimited access to their instructors throughout the week via email and telephone. In the event a student misses a class, make-ups can be accommodated. Click here to visit our student make-up website.

All classes are 6-weeks long unless otherwise indicated on the schedule. One class or dog enrolled: $175.00 / 6-week session

We believe that we offer an outstanding value for the money: small group classes with lots of individual attention in a beautiful facility, a caring and professional staff, email and phone support outside of classes – and those are just a few of many the benefits that we feel we offer our students.

Family – Multiple Dog – Class Discounts

Because we value our students who take multiple classes and/or train multiple dogs, we are continuing to offer significant discounts for additional classes that are paid for in the same transaction.

Multi-dog class discounts are not available for pro-rated sessions, class credits, other coupons or deals, etc. Online multi-dog class discounts are provided by purchasing a package and then registering for the class you want using that purchased package.

Second class or dog is: $135  $300 for two
Third class or dog is: $125  $425 for three
Fourth class or dog is: $125  $550 for four
Fifth class or dog is: $125  $675 for five
Sixth class or dog is: $125  $800 for six

Students enrolling more than six dogs or taking more than six classes simultaneously should contact the Office for additional discounts.

 Coupons and Discounts

If you would like to register online and have a coupon but do not have a coupon code, please contact the Office for your coupon’s code.

Vouchers, coupons, certificates etc. must be used at the time of registration. Vouchers, coupons, certificates etc. not used at the time of registration cannot be credited back to you as they have no cash value. Vouchers, coupons, certificates etc. can only be used for 6-week group classes (unless otherwise stated) and cannot be combined with multi-class discounts, other coupons or deals.

Drop In Fee: $40.00

Under certain circumstances, with prior instructor and office approval, the class fee may be pro-rated to a single-class charge. We refer to this as a drop-in fee. The drop-in fee is $40.00 per week for 6-week 1-hour classes and 5-week 1 hour 10 minute classes. The drop in fee is $45 per week for 90-minute classes.

Payment Methods

We accept credit cards, personal checks, cashier’s checks, certified checks, money orders, and cash. NSF checks and declined credit cards (for any reason) will be subject to a $30 administrative processing fee.

Returned Check Fee – $30                      Declined Credit Card Fee – $30

Private Lessons

For families who prefer one-on-one training or dogs with specific behavior problems. View our Private Lesson page then call or e-mail the Office with your specific requirements.

  • Lessons conducted at Family Dog Training Center are $125.00 / hour.
  • Lessons conducted in owner’s home within 10 miles of FDTC. $200.00 / hour.Note: Travel outside the FDTC service area may result in mileage charges.
  • For Kathy Lang’s currently enrolled performance students.  (The hour may be shared among multiple students as they desire): $75 / hour

Note:  Private lessons that go over one hour will be charged for the overage on a pro-rated basis.

 Seminars & Workshops

Family Dog Training Center staff members are available to make presentations to all types of groups on a variety of subjects ranging from behavior problem solving to choosing the right dog, competition obedience, conformation handling, dog/owner relationships, etc. Cost varies — please contact the Office with your specific requirements.

Gift Certificates are available!

If you know a family with a new puppy, the best gift you can give them is a Gift certificate to Family Dog Training Center. Gift certificates can be purchased for any amount, and can be applied to any of the services and products offered by FDTC: classes, private lessons, leashes, treats, chew toys and more! Please contact the Office for more details.