Body Awareness & Conditioning

This class is designed for puppies and dogs over 16 weeks with a future in any type of dog sports, from agility to competition obedience, rally, freestyle, conformation and more. We’ll be luring and shaping to teach the dogs all types of skills including attention around distractions, stillness, pot (perch) work, backing up, moving laterally, cavalletti, spins, circling cones left and right, small/low platforms and inflatables, exercises including sit/stand/drop, stand/drop, etc. with proper form, hand touches, leg weaves and more depending on the students’ interest.

These foundation skills must be achieved before moving on to the more advanced BAC2 Advanced Body Awareness & Conditioning Class. 

Dogs must be well under control on leash and food motivated. No aggressive dogs. Handlers must understand the concepts of luring and shaping. If a student has not taken classes with Kathy Lang, a private lesson may also be needed.

If you’re interested in a BAC1 class and we don’t have any available classes on the schedule, please fill out the wait list.